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Quaaludes Methaqualone 300 mg, Methaqualone For Sale, Buy Quaalude Online

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Quaaludes Methaqualone 300 mg, Methaqualone For Sale, Quaaludes for Sale

Quaalude/Buy Quaaludes Online

Generic name: Quaaludes Methaqualone 300 mg
brand names: Quaalude, Sopor
Other formal names: Cateudil, Dormutil, Hyminal, Isonox, Melsed, Melsedin, Mequelone, Mequin, Methadorm, Mozambin, Optimil, Parest, Renoval, Somnafac, Toquilone Compositum, Triador, Tuazole.
Common or street names: Bandits, Beiruts, Blou Bulle, Disco Biscuits, Ewings, Flamingos, Flowers, Genuines, Lemmon 714, Lemons, Lennons, Lovers, Ludes, Mandies, Qua, Quaaludes, Quack, Quad, Randy Mandies, 714, Soaper, Sopes, Sporos, Vitamin Q, Wagon Wheels

Quaaludes Drug Dosage

Quaaludes Drug Dosage or methaqualone dosage is available in tablet and capsule form and came in different strengths.

Oral Quaaludes dosages is 75-150mg for light sedation. A common prescribed dose was 300mg. Up to 600mg was used for strong sedation. Tolerance develops rapidly and some users may take up to 2000mg daily to achieve the same effects. Canadian online pharmacy with painkiller for sale

Onset of action is approximately 30 minutes after taking Quaalude and duration of action is between 5 to 8 hours.

What are Quaaludes/What is A Quaalude

Quaaludes (methaqualone) are a synthetic, barbiturate-like, central nervous system depressant. Methaqualone is an anxiolytic and a sedative-hypnotic drug. Quaaludes were introduced as a safe barbiturate substitute, but they later showed that the possibility of addiction and withdrawal symptoms were similar to those of barbiturates. suboxone strips

Uses of Quaaludes 300mg/Uses of Methaqualone 300mg

In prescribed doses, Quaaludes promotes relaxation, sleepiness and sometimes a feeling of euphoria. It causes a drop in blood pressure and slows the pulse rate. These properties are the reason why it was initially thought to be a useful sedative and anxiolytic. Buy pain pills online

Quaaludes Effects

Common quaalude effects of Quaaludes Methaqualone 300 mg include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fatigue, itching, rashes, sweating, dry mouth, tingling sensation in arms and legs, seizures and its depressant effects include reduced heart rate and respiration.

Buy Quaalude Online

Quaaludes Methaqualone 300 mg can also cause erectile dysfunction and difficulty achieving orgasms. At high doses it can cause mental confusion and loss of muscle control (ataxia).

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur.



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